The University College Hospital

The flagship tertiary health care institution in Nigeria, offering world-class training, research and services.

The University College hospital (UCH) was strategically located in Ibadan, then the largest city in West Africa which is also the seat of the first University in Nigeria. The physical development of the Hospital commenced in 1953 in its present site and was formally commissioned after completion on 20 November 1957. The University College Hospital, Ibadan was initially commissioned with 500-bed spaces. Currently, the hospital has 1229 bed spaces and 163 examination couches with occupancy rates ranging from 55-60%.

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Meet the Chief Medical Director

Professor Jesse Abiodun Otegbayo

MBBS (Ib.), Cert. Gastro (Tel-Aviv), MSc. (Ib.), Ph.D (Ib.), FUICC, FWACP, FACG, FRCP (Glasg), MNIM, FIPM (UK)

Born on 17th December, 1961, Professor J. A. Otegbayo attended lla Grammar School, lla-Orangun between 1977-1978, Methodist Grammar School, Otan-lle from 1978-1980 and Command Secondary School, Kaduna between 1980-1983. He obtained the MBBS degree from the University of Ibadan in November, 1989; a Certificate in Immunology, the University of Ibadan in 2001 and Master of Science Degree in Chemical Pathology/Immunology of the same University in year 2003. He was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Gastroenterology and Endoscopy by the University of Tel-Aviv, Israel in 2002 and also has a Ph.D degree in Chemical Pathology/Immunology from the University of Ibadan in 2011.

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